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United Potato Growers of Idaho
Seed District

2007-08 Recommended Planting Guidelines

Dear United Seed Potato Grower of Idaho member:
This memo outlines the 2007-08 recommended planting guidelines as approved by both the United of Idaho and United of America Board of Directors. These guidelines have been agreed to by all United of America Cooperatives for the 2007-08 Crop.
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2007-08 UNITED Seed Acreage Reduction Program
Basic Definitions and Ground Rules

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UNITED’s Basic Seed Acreage Program

For the 2007-08 growing season, United Seed Growers and ALL Seed Growers everywhere if they choose to participate will be given the following options:

Basic Seed Acreage Management Assessment: The same as last year, $30.00 per base acre.

Seed Acreage Program:

Option I: Reduce plantings a full 15% off of their 2004 BASE. Full execution of this option constitutes a Payment in Kind meaning the grower will owe no cash assessment.

Option II: Growers choosing to reduce acreage LESS than 15% will be assessed a pro-rated amount based on the $30.00 fee ON ALL THEIR BASE ACRES. Monies will be used to “buy-out” acres elsewhere within the State. Growers expanding acres WITHOUT BASE will be assessed $100 per acre on ALL acres (expansion plus base acres). Remember, the goal is to reduce acres, not collect assessments. All members are asked to complete the attached forms to formally establish their 2007-08 planting intentions.
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