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Welcome to the
United Seed Potato Growers of Idaho's
Grower Return Index Page

The GRI's are below
The Current Year IGRI's are at the botton of this page
All GRI's
2006 Crop Year GRI's
2007 Crop Year GRI's
2008 Crop Year GRI's
2009 Crop Year GRI's
2010 Crop Year GRI's
2011 Crop Year GRI's
2012 Crop Year GRI's
2013 Crop Year GRI's
2014 Crop Year GRI's
2015 Crop Year GRI's

For the Average GRI
select a Start Date and End Date from the buttons below and click Search
The new page will display the GRI's between your
search results and the Average GRI between those results

The Search works BETWEEN Dates
So if you searching for records between the dates of 8/8/07 and 1/16/08 select 8/7/07 and 1/17/08

If you're manually entering the date Please enter it as YYYY-MM-DD ie 2007-01-30

Russet Burbank
GRI Search and Average


Russet Norkotah
GRI Search and Average


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